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The Supplier of Fruit


Limes are an important product in our company. The market for limes is hudge. The limes we are supplying, will be together with an official Quality report of the product.

The packaging for the limes are most of the time per 4,5kg in one box, however if clients want to have an other packaging quantity, this is possible.

The limes can be supplied in the Netherlands (imported) or on T1 basis. For storage we are using the welknown companies in the Netherlands, such as van Duijn Coldstorage, Frigo, Kloosterboer, Varekamp. Most of the time we are shipping to a Coldstorage company where our client has an agreement with.

Our Shipping partners;

Shipping the fruits from for example South America is very important, we are using all the Major shipping lines for our products. 

The Meeting with our clients / Deposit & Compliance

With all new clients we need to meet them face to face. Clients need to sign a document on which is mentioned that the funds used for paying our invoice are clean, clear and from non-criminal origin. All clients need to pay a deposit when starting a business with Exallim B.V.

Exallim B.V.

The supplier of Fruit

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